The Top Most Famous Seven Wonders Of India


Hello, readers, do you like to know about the wonders of India? Then don’t worry here we provide you the best knowledge about the wonders of India.

India is a land of diversity. In India, you see many wonders in different forms. In this blog, you see some of the historical places called the seven wonders of India. These are the pride of India.

As we know that India is famous for its historical places and monuments. You must hear about the seven wonders of the world but In this blog, we introduced you to the seven wonders of India and their information and details. India’s monuments and wonders are the most incredible in the world and of course, on holidays we going to see the monuments and wonders and In India. There are many historical places and monuments.

Here are the Seven Wonders of India:

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is located in Agra, India. The Taj Mahal is the most famous landmark in India and it attracts millions of people. People come here to visit this place and see its beauty. They also remember the story of Sharjah and Mumtaj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is built by Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaj Mahal. It is stale on the bank of the Yamuna River.

Taj Mahal construction starts in 1632. It is an immense project in which the number of workers is 20,000 and the material is transport by the thousands of elephants. The design of the taj mahal is inspired by Persian, Islamic, and Indian architecture. White slabs of marble and precious stones were used to make this monument which makes it more beautiful. Taj Mahal takes 12 years to complete. Taj Mahal is elaborate with a Garden with pathways and pools of water. The rest of the complex takes additional 10 years and the Entire project takes 22 years to build.

Harmandir Sahib Golden Temple

The Top Most Famous Seven Wonders Of India

In Amritsar, India there is a shining temple, the Golden Temple this temple discover in 1574 that is one of the most favorable visiting places in India. This temple has a chief of worship for the Sikh religion. The name literally translates to house of god and millions of Sikh travel to this temple in the city called Amritsar.

This temple is surrounded by a pool of holding water. This is a place of worship where men and women worship equally. Marble and copper are used to making this temple and it is cover with a layer of Gold foil to giving the temple signature shine. In Golden Temple, the most attractive part is its community kitchen, serve food in the form of Langar in Punjabis. It is the Sikh community kitchen, every day it provides 100,000 free meals and it is one of the largest kitchens in the world.


Hampi is the 14th-century capital, it is one of the Greatest Empire of medieval India, located by the great river Tungabhadra, In the Indian state of Karnataka. The 14th-century ruins of Hampi by scattered in about 26 kilometers of the area make the giant boundary nearby the vegetation protected by the two rivers. The ruins silently narrate the story of grander and the shree virupaksha temple located at foot of the hill called Hirakata hill. The ruins of Hampi are already a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the monuments and temples in the complex are breathtaking.

The Pathik temple is the most secret temple of this place, this temple has an uninterrupted history about the 7th century and this temple contains shrines of lord shiva called pampa. The monument of Vijay Nagar city was built in 1813 and 1517 from the times of hari hara such as shivaraya and the large number of royal buildings raise by the Krishna Deva Raya he is the greatest ruler of this dynasty.

Gomteshwar Temple

The Top Most Famous Seven Wonders Of India

The Gomteshwar (Bahubali) temple is located in Karnataka, India at a distance of 158 km. Gomteshwar temple is famous for shravanabelagona. Gomteshwar temple is also famous as Vindhyagiri and Chandragiri, the statue of the Bahubali is the tall monolithic statue is located in Vindhyagri hills in 58 feet. The shravanbelagona was constructed in 981 AD and the statue of the lord Gomteshwar is 18 m high. The construction of the statue was commission by the Ganga dynasty minister and commander, Chavundaraya

There are 700 steps in shravanbelogona and 30 minutes to Darshan. The Bahubali statue is so magnificent and this statue is erect by chavundarya for his mother. In the year 2007, The Gomateshwar temple is included as the seven wonders of India.

Sun Temple Konark

The Top Most Famous Seven Wonders Of India

Sun Temple Konark is one of the famous wonders of seven wonders. This Temple is situated in the Konark coastal region of Odisha. This Kalinga-style ancient temple dating back to the thirteenth century is famous all over India for several reasons. There are sculptures on the walls and stunning artistry on the stone marvel make by King Narasimhadeva – I from Ganga Dynasty. This is famous for the Wheel in the Chariot which is use as a Sundial that astronomically predicts and calculates the time in the day as the sun’s rays touch on the statue at morning, noon or evening. There is also a massive structure of three depictions of Sun God statues and seven horses pulling 12 wheels.

Khajuraho Temple

In the Khajuraho temple monument, there is a group of Hindu and Jain in Chattarpur. The Khajuraho temple is famous for its Nagara-style symbolism and the MP (Madhya Pradesh) India, the southeast part of Jhansi is about 175 kilometers. This is a very famous tourist spot where people come and explore this place. This temple was built in 885 to 1050 AD and it’s constructed by the Chandela s dynasty. The temple of Khajuraho had 85 temples over 20 square kilometers.

Nalanda Bihar

Nalanda Bihar is located in Patna, Bihar, India. This Buddhist monastery and learning center for spiritual studies dates back to the seventh century. This is famous for many of the ruins found here are UNESCO world heritage sites. The ancient Mahavihara was a famed learning center from the time of 7th century AD to the 12th century AD. It is also famous as one of the earliest education centers or universities in the world. During that time, visitors and scholars from around the world came here for a very organized teaching method of Vedic study.

Scholars came from Central Asia, Persia, Tibet, and even china to learn here. People came through Emperor Kannauj, Harshavardhan’s Rule, and from the Gupta Empire before totally destroying this learning place.


In the above blog, we introduced you to the seven famous wonders of India and their details. There are so many wonders in different forms but these are the historical buildings that are the seven wonders of India. Overall, India’s wonders are so great, and historical places are so epic and great.

As we know that India is a land of wonders. So that in every state, there is something worth seeing. So that people come here to see these wonders of India. These wonders are pride for India.

India is a country of diversities, there is a diversion in religion, language, monuments, etc. We hope you like this blog about the seven wonders of India, if you have any query please write in the comment section and keep visiting

Most Asking Question On Seven Wonders Of India

Seven wonders of India are:- Taj Mahal, Harmandir Sahib Golden Temple, Hampi Temple, Gomteshwar Temple, Sun Temple Konark, Khajuraho Temple, Nalanda Bihar
Seven wonders of India are:- Taj Mahal, Harmandir Sahib Golden Temple, Hampi Temple, Gomteshwar Temple, Sun Temple Konark, Khajuraho Temple, Nalanda Bihar. There are only seven wonders of India.
10 Architectural wonders of India Temples of Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, Konark Sun Temple, Orissa, Taj Mahal, Uttar Pradesh, Great Living Chola Temples, Tamil Nadu, Jantar Mantar, Jaipur, Hampi, Karnataka, Golconda Fort, Telangana.
The Taj Mahal is listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.v

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