Top 21 Famous Food of India


Hello readers, as we all know that India is a country where you get a variety of foods, cultures, religions, etc. Food or cuisines is one of the essential parts of our life and India gives you a variety of foods. Foods are not only an integral part of our life but it is a critical factor that makes India the most popular worldwide. In this blog we list up the top 21 famous food of India.

India is a country that has a varied food history. Every state has its own type of cuisine which is famous for hundreds of years. The list includes North Indian food, Punjabi food, vegetarian Indian dishes, drinks such as lassi and masala chai, Indian sweets and desserts, and South Indian food

In this blog, we list 15 famous food of India, and its specialty also. This blog includes Indian sweet dishes, vegetarian food, sweets, and snacks, etc.

Famous Food Of India

Let we start with the Starters or Snacks Of India:-

Starters or Snacks of India is the first love of foodies. It is typically famous for Indian street foods.

Snacks Or Starters


Samosa is one of the famous Indian street food. It is made of spicy mash potatoes, and Flour. Filling of potato wrapped in dough and deep-fried until crispy.

Pakora’s or Bhaji

India’s favorite snacks are Pakoras or Bhaji. Pakoras are made of gram flour (Besan). Pakoras are made of different vegetables like Onion, Potato, Cauliflower, etc. It is served with a sauce called chutney also.


Kachori is made from fined flour and spicy filling made of onion, spices, etc. There are so many types of kachoris like raj kachori, masala kachori, dry fruit kachori, onion kachori, baked kachori, matar kachori, and many more. It is served with chutney and Aalloo ki sabji also.


Dhokla is the famous snack of Gujarat. It is basically made from gram flour. It is a spongy, sweet snack garnished with green chilies and pudina chutney.

There are also so many snacks or starters famous in India like Poha, Momos, Tikka, etc.

After introducing the snacks we know about breads of India.

Breads Of India


Roti or Chapati is made of flour. It is made of wheat flour, first, we make dough and then make roti’s or chapati’s.


Naan is also a variety of chapatti. It’s dough made of different ingredients like Yeast or Yogurt used to rise the dough.


Puri is made of wheat flour. It is a flat circle of dough deep-fried in ghee or oil until they puff and crispy. This dish is also included in the top 21 famous food of India.


Paratha is pan-fried layered flatbread made of wheat flour, ghee, or oil. Parathas are of different types like plain paratha or stuffed Paratha like Aaloo Paratha, Gobhi Paratha, or different vegetable paratha.

After the Breads we introduce the Meals of India. In India, there are different types of meals like Dal, Chole, Tikka, Paneer, Vegetables, etc.

Let us introduce some famous meals from India.


Chana or Chole Masala

Chana or Chole Masala is a famous north Indian curry. It is also called chickpeas cooked in onion, ginger garlic-based sauce. It is served with soft bread called Bhature or Kulcha also.


Paneer is made of milk. We cooked different types of meals with the use of Paneer like Masala Paneer, Palak Paneer, Shahi Paneer, also paneer tikka etc.


Korma is yogurt-based with ginger-garlic and onion sauce. It also has varieties like Navratan Korma, Chicken Korma, Vegetable Korma.


Dal is one of the favorite and easiest dish in India. It is basically a soup of lentils, turmeric, water. There are different types of Dal like Dal Makhani, Chana Dal, Tadka Dal, Arhar Dal, etc.


Biryani is a rice dish prepared from several layers of rice. Its roots are in the Mughal empire in India. It is made of vegetables and chicken also.

Biryani is also of different types:-

  • Chicken Biryani
  • Hyderabadi Dum Biryani (this tends to be one of the spicy varieties and usually uses chicken)
  • Goat Biryani
  • Biryani (Veg)

After the meals, we discuss the drinks which are famous in India.



Lassi is made up of curd or yogurt. To make lassi yogurt is mix with water and add some sugar to it and also some flavors. Lassi is of different flavors like- Mango Lassi, Strawberry Lassi, etc.

Chai or Tea

Chai or Tea is made of milk, water, Black Tea. After that, we cooked all the ingredients together. Tea is also of so many types like masala tea, ginger tea, Elaichi or cardamom tea, etc.


Chas is basically a buttermilk drink. People of India normally take it after the meal.

This is the list of the famous drinks of India. Now we go to the last but not least Indian Desert. As we all know that Indian Desert is in the heart of Indians. There is so long list of deserts but we introduce some of the deserts in this blog.

Indian Desert


Halwa is an authentic desert of India. It is made of different types of flour like wheat flour, chickpeas flour, Gajar or Carrot, etc. It is cooked with flour, ghee, sugar, and some flavors also.

Halwa are of different types like:-

Suji Ka Halwa – It is made from Suji, Sugar, ghee, and water.

Besan Ka Halwa – It is made of chickpeas flour, sugar, ghee, water, or milk.

Mung Ka Halwa – It is made from mung dal, sugar, ghee, milk, etc.


It is a solidified form of milk-based pudding. A sweet better is thickened and set to cool and cut into small pieces. Barfi is also of different types like- Kaju Barfi, Almond Barfi, Pista Barfi, etc.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is a very famous desert in India. Therefore, people love to eat it at Indian Weddings, any festivals, and mostly on every occasion. Gulab Jamun is made from a powder of milk solids. After that knead it in a smooth dough and then deep-fried it after it is dipped into a sweet sugar syrup which makes it softer and juicy.


Kheer is made of rice, milk, sugar, cardamom, and some dry fruits also. Firstly, Rice is cooked with milk and some water and then add some dry fruits to it.


Ladoo is a traditional and low-cost sweet dish or desert in India. It is made of different types of flours that are mixed with sugar and shortening after that make into small balls.


In conclusion, as we all know that India is a land of diversity. In India there are so many varieties of food, every state has its own specialty in food. We can’t make a list of the whole but we try to give you the names of top 21 famous food of India. So that read the blog and if any query please mention in comment box.

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